Sunday, November 23, 2014
IT Assistant

IT Assistant - 24/7 Help Desk

IT-Assistant LogoIMAGINE Software offers a wide range of support services, comprised of remote and on-site user support,  based on your unique support needs. From dispatching an on-site technician to monitoring your network remotely, we enable you to stay focused on your critical functions. IT-Assistant is a web-based helpdesk used by IMAGINE clients for ticket submission and tracking.


Why should I submit my requests instead of calling directly? This Ticket system has mainly been put into place to keep track of and prioritize incoming requests  so they can be handled efficiently and effectively. Unless your site or services are down and non-functional, submitting a request online will be the most effective way of reaching our support team with your specific requests.


IT-Assistant has the capability to accept support requests, change requests from the end user and also offers a fully functional knowledge base for troubleshooting.

Current clients may log-in here!


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